And emotionally, though

And emotionally, though These are orders.

The order does not mean that your order or a request sounds in a rough authoritative form.

The order sounds very shortly.

As I already spoke, in it there are no objyasnekniya why it is so necessary to make.

And emotionally, though it is not aggressive, the order sounds so that to let to the child know that no subsequent discussions of it will take place.

So, to ask the first, the second if a natural request was not succeeded to achieve anything, it is necessary to learn, in what business.

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In society

In society Actually as it becomes in army.

Team or task it has to be extremely precisely explained.

For example: Let's make so: let's go at first to a zoo, then to attractions.

On each attraction everyone will drive for three minutes.

In society the active want to be in the center of attention or where constantly something occurs.

Therefore very difficult often happens to such child to hear, mothers know it, and fathers too: Go, please, and play itself in other room.

It is one of the most terrible measures of punishment for such child.

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Inaccuracy Inaccuracy of search of the external reason of a problem Perhaps, the most tragic scenario if the person feels influence of negative emotions in the life, but thus tries to find the external reason why he endures them.

And having found the external reason or having thought up it, tries to avoid these external factors, the external reasons, people, circumstances, work, responsibility and, eventually, all his life turns into one continuous maneuvering between situations, people, circumstances, work, responsibility which could cause negative emotions.

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It is absolutely

It is absolutely To make mistakes it is normal It is necessary to recognize that all children can, and, in principle, have to make mistakes.

It is absolutely normal and it should be expected therefore parents need constantly to correct standards of expectations from the children according to their natural, natural abilities.

In the Veda it is said that it is better for person to carry out imperfectly duties according to the nature, than it is good to carry out others obyazanknost, duties which are connected with the nature of other people.

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Small squares

Small squares We have to stop and talk about it later, when we will calm down.

Small squares for words This reception helps children who got stuck in templates plo hy behavior.

It is very clear and available method, I allow shchiya to them to think of the best ways of selfchecking in the difficult situations see also Aggressive or positive.

If the child is not able to write, perhaps yet, he will want to discuss the questions, will ask you to write down them for it or nariso to vat pictures.

The essence of approach does it the most resembling for children of school age.

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While the child

While the child Previously such pronunciation can be trained with from the covered mouth in front of the mirror.

While the child says syllables, you big and average fingers of a hand press on his cheeks, pressing them to the radical to teeth, and this movement push his lips a little forward.

In this situation instead of ti ti ti it will be heard chi chi chi.

Warn the child that sounding of a sound t' will change, and before lay down together to look, what sound as a result will leave.

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  • But it has to be coordinated with reasonable limits of time pre byvaniye on the sun.Solar bathtubs need to be dosed.Tan can be acquired everywhere: in the wood, on a lawn, in the field at the river, the sea, on a balcony, a window sill of the room, in the yard, in any open for sunshine and whiffs of a breeze place.Optimum time of reception of solar bathtubs in average on elk from till , and in the south from till Baths can be taken standing, lying and in the movement.A bathtub lying gives the greatest effect, but thus it is necessary that the head was slightly it is raised and was in a shadow.
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  • And though we are not faultless, but we try to support this false standard and we spoil the relations with children.Fear that we will lose parental prestige, we will lose respect, love of children, is transferred to children, and they start acting the same way.They are afraid to lose love and prestige of the people around close and are not inclined to treat commission of mistakes of both own, and those people which surround them with which they communicate correctly at all.If parents do not make mistakes, and, so, they have nothing to apologize, there is a question how Children can learn to do it?
  • It is very cheerful.There are no special receptions, it prikho dit together with understanding of that novorozhden the ny child the person from the first day.The main thing to listen to it and to allow it time to answer: precisely the same as we do a pause in conversation with vzros ly to listen to the answer.And still it is necessary sometimes Needs of the child and your requirements to allow the child to show an initiative and to get conversation by the first.It means to it and for much us too.
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