Do not swim

Do not swim Do not dive in unfamiliar places it dangerously.

It is possible to hit go howl about a sharp subject, to faint and be lost.

Do not swim away far.

Count on the forces.

Do not swim up closely to the going vessels and boats.

Whirlpools, waves and currents, fuss kshy near vessels, can tighten the swimmer under the vessel screw.

Do not allow pranks on water it is lifethreatening.

Be yes are ready to come to the rescue suffering disaster.

HARDENING WATER, AIR, SUN One of preparatory stages to swimming is the hardening.

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Mistakes Correct reaction of the adult to the mistakes The adult with a healthy selfassessment reacts Pa of a mistake with understanding and desire to study as these pibkakh.

Mistakes for it is a way to polupit the new experience, way to reach something else.

Mistakes do not rassmatrikvatsya by it as a sentence that I am bad also me there is nothing to love, and as a reason for improvement.

It can logically react to the mistakes.

For example, if I made something badly, I not bad, simply I did not know how better to make.

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Calming But often what obvious reasons are not present.

Calming the child, try not to deny his fears of Fra the deputy like Be not foolish or Be not afraid, because he really is afraid, and it will be much better if it is able to express the fear see.

Work with feelings.

Besides, SMOY geepok Goya z That the child grew the happy try not to aggravate his fears, looking under a bed and for a door that to be convinced that the monster left.

Too rough reaction Ah!

What horror!

You it is likely terrible pe it reputatsya!

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Sleduyet They have to understand how it affects you.

Bridget Tricia, coordinator of the Parental network Put an end to labels When behavior of children unacceptably, adults have to to criticize behavior, but not the child.

Sleduyet That the child grew the happy to tell: I from this noise am hurt by the head, but not I have from you a migraine.

Committee on affairs of child abuse Absolutely in vain in some families of children divide on obedient, hooligans, fiend or the mother's little sonnies.

Children quickly get used to a yarla Kam that strongly limits them.

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What to do? . Meanwhile

What to do? . Meanwhile T of an ogd at least the bicycle?

But if I will start riding and I will forget that this magic the bicycle will disappear.

What to do?


Meanwhile the bus approached the necessary stop.

The boy rose, on looked at passengers и?

understood that it is necessary to do.

I want, that all people vseg yes remembered that miracles happen, and the wizard, a thunder makes them to, on all bus told mal Chick.

He knew that cannot any more to think desires, but volsheb the nickname will be able to grant desires now other people.

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Children Children adore humour from early age.

Very much malen Kia children will smile when you are smeshno That the child grew the happy to grimace.

Children are slightly more senior love game in prit ki.

Many sixyearold children have a set of the words and favourite jokes.

But it is not necessary to expect that the child will be delirious with delight.

Child, which with very serious look puts the cam in plastic the vy glass also gets it, can receive weight pleasures.

The sevenyearold child with igrushkoykonst ruktor can not cry out for pleasure, but thus to derive pleasure.

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  • But it has to be coordinated with reasonable limits of time pre byvaniye on the sun.Solar bathtubs need to be dosed.Tan can be acquired everywhere: in the wood, on a lawn, in the field at the river, the sea, on a balcony, a window sill of the room, in the yard, in any open for sunshine and whiffs of a breeze place.Optimum time of reception of solar bathtubs in average on elk from till , and in the south from till Baths can be taken standing, lying and in the movement.A bathtub lying gives the greatest effect, but thus it is necessary that the head was slightly it is raised and was in a shadow.
  • The straight arms extended up are also connected in situation: the right left palm lies on to the left back side right brushes.In situation on a back the person there is over water, a chin it is slightly pressed to a breast, the head to half of ears it is shipped in water, trunk, direct without deflections is at a water surface, but gi are straightened in all joints also are connected socks at a surface waters.Straight arms, are extended up and connected a palm of the right hand lies on the back party of the left hand.
  • And though we are not faultless, but we try to support this false standard and we spoil the relations with children.Fear that we will lose parental prestige, we will lose respect, love of children, is transferred to children, and they start acting the same way.They are afraid to lose love and prestige of the people around close and are not inclined to treat commission of mistakes of both own, and those people which surround them with which they communicate correctly at all.If parents do not make mistakes, and, so, they have nothing to apologize, there is a question how Children can learn to do it?
  • It is very cheerful.There are no special receptions, it prikho dit together with understanding of that novorozhden the ny child the person from the first day.The main thing to listen to it and to allow it time to answer: precisely the same as we do a pause in conversation with vzros ly to listen to the answer.And still it is necessary sometimes Needs of the child and your requirements to allow the child to show an initiative and to get conversation by the first.It means to it and for much us too.
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