Let's think, than

Let's think, than I think, for foster homes it is very actual in pros about Pandora's box fear that everything will leave izpod kontro la when you lift a cover and you will start speaking.

And I think, he really does not allow people to communicate.

Here significantly discussion of rules and the mode will help.

When speak to children: You will live here.

Let's think, than this life will differ from your life with mother.

Let's think, as was to make it for you the most pleasant.

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It is difficult

It is difficult That is, we are similar to people who try since the morning, all day to devote to not to celebrate natural needs, but by the evening anyway it happens in the most improper places, without any prevention, completely counter to any norms, rules of hygiene, culture of behavior and ethics.

It is difficult for us to accept that the child has the right to want more.

We are not capable to contain, absorb negaktivny emotions of the child because ourselves do not know as to get rid of them.

Therefore, the third scenario is also rather distributed when the child before negative emotions has no fear, moreover, the child considers that negative emotions are a superway to achieve zhelayekmy and, unfortunately, even when it stops being the child when he already becomes adult, it does not stop this practice as it showed the efficiency.

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For a long

For a long Its windows were densely curtained, and doors are locked on the lock.

For a long time people did not come into it painfully it seemed majestic and unapproachable.

Passersby with astonishment poglyadyva whether in its party: What for the strange house?

T Oka pain necks and нелюдимый?

And the house was perplexed that all want from it: I cost to myself, nobody трогаю?

That it it is not pleasant?

Perhaps I have paint on under horsemen it was peeled?

Or the weather vane was lopsided?

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Think how it is possible

Think how it is possible Think how it is possible to help the kid to consult with rasstro unlimited feelings see.

Work with feelings and Hysterics.

That the child grew the happy The following step to consider that you will do farther: What help and support are necessary for you?

To receive it priority task for you.

Whether you chtolibo in your life, that can change sn to zit a stress?

If you did not contact your nurse, the therapist and not called to the line of trust to get support and council, try to make it now.

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Directly Come into a kitchen garden!

To part hands in the parties before itself.

Pass between ridges Index and middle fingers of both hands, as legs, walk on a table.

There cucumbers lie, To represent a cucumber: to put fingers in the form of an oval.

Tomatoes hang, To represent tomato: to put fingers in the form of a circle.

Directly in a mouth want.

Nearby the turnip ripens To represent turnip: to put fingers in the form of a heart.

Neither it is dense, nor it is rare.

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  • But it has to be coordinated with reasonable limits of time pre byvaniye on the sun.Solar bathtubs need to be dosed.Tan can be acquired everywhere: in the wood, on a lawn, in the field at the river, the sea, on a balcony, a window sill of the room, in the yard, in any open for sunshine and whiffs of a breeze place.Optimum time of reception of solar bathtubs in average on elk from till , and in the south from till Baths can be taken standing, lying and in the movement.A bathtub lying gives the greatest effect, but thus it is necessary that the head was slightly it is raised and was in a shadow.
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  • And though we are not faultless, but we try to support this false standard and we spoil the relations with children.Fear that we will lose parental prestige, we will lose respect, love of children, is transferred to children, and they start acting the same way.They are afraid to lose love and prestige of the people around close and are not inclined to treat commission of mistakes of both own, and those people which surround them with which they communicate correctly at all.If parents do not make mistakes, and, so, they have nothing to apologize, there is a question how Children can learn to do it?
  • It is very cheerful.There are no special receptions, it prikho dit together with understanding of that novorozhden the ny child the person from the first day.The main thing to listen to it and to allow it time to answer: precisely the same as we do a pause in conversation with vzros ly to listen to the answer.And still it is necessary sometimes Needs of the child and your requirements to allow the child to show an initiative and to get conversation by the first.It means to it and for much us too.
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