You, probably, pain

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You, probably, pain We help children to consult with the feelings Mother.

It is inexcusable!

As it could so on to step in relation to you?

It inattentive to to people and irresponsible type.

You, probably, pain she you will not want to see it.

Perhaps, did not come to the teenager to mind so sharply to react to an act of the friend or so seriously to think over reciprocal actions.

Everything that he, perhaps, wanted from mother, this understanding we chaniye and nod of the head which would express sochuvst the Viy to his irritation in connection with behavior of the friend.

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How to speak

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How to speak You will be helped soon.

You will have everything it is good.

If you want, you can hold mine foot, so far we go.

She seized to me a foot.

In hospital over it two doctors and not crowded how many nurses.

My mother still burst tirades and incoherent speeches.

Brian asked, whether really Syuzi will die as the grandmother speaks.

How to speak that children listened How to speak that children listened.

I had no time to answer, because doctors tried to expel me from the room, and I knew that Syuz my support is necessary.

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Let this

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Let this When you put to the child a sound pronunciation sh any in the way, it can incidentally have a sound r.

In this case finish statement of a sound r and fix its pronunciation see page .




sh _.

the language tip to the top cutters, will be heard by the second sound the whistling sound.

Let this second sound aims to himself in a palm.

Then, having smiled broadly, the child has to is long to say sound t, touching with wide language an external surface of alveoluses.

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Finally During our conversation these feelings did not abandon the young woman.

Actually, they were only approved as her emotions, thoughts and values were ordered.

She decided to insist on a meeting with the boss in the same day and to discuss the further actions.

Finally it issued half a year more of a child care leave and even after that continued to work with a parttime employment.

She felt sense of relief and became rather happy.

She was lucky with the employer, and the understanding husband and a good salary allowed to make this choice.

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It allows

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It allows Forgive them just as you would like that your children forgave you for those mistakes which were made by you.

So your released energy will be used to continue to make efforts to understand this profound knowledge and to become better.

Can use this seminar as some kind of resource, a source to which it is possible to address again and again.

It is possible to create certain groups of studying, group of a podkderzhka of parents.

It allows to do modern information tekhnolokgiya, the Internet.

Such groups now exists quite a lot, both in Latvia, and beyond its limits.

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+ From what

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+ From what not bed, and.

not pillow, and.


+ Esteem on shooters + Print these words.

+ Numbers of telephone service.

+ From what there can be a fire, accident, illness, gas explosion?

+ Make one word of two: short tail korotkokhvosty, long ears .

slanting paws .

blue eyes .

everywhere goes .

meat cuts .

itself cooks .

itself flies .

+ Listen and print only the second syllable not sound.


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