Because movement

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Because movement Therefore taste of happiness is that does us happy.

Such only the person can make himself.

Because movement speed to the happiness at different people different owing to a fuel reserve, i.


piety, parents can help the child with this movement.

The parents who are bringing up the child in clemency can simply help it to become happier.

It means that they want to understand its taste of happiness and to help to find it.

Thus they help it to develop higher taste of happiness if parents possess it.

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On poles, Without

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On poles, Without Behind nuts.

To shake two fists are nuts.

On hummocks, To bind fingers of hands and to curve brushes in the form of a hill.

On poles, Without separating fingers of hands, to bend brushes down in the form of a pole.

On a gladenky path.

Without separating fingers of hands, to establish hands horizontally before a breast, and then to separate fingers and to part hands in the parties.


Fungus MOUNTAIN ASH BEADS Mountain ash brushes Hands to weaken and hold them fingertips down.

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The sound

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The sound The sound is said indistinctly so it is hard to say, on what sound it is more similar for example, with it is said as softened whistling, but at the same time with the hissing additional sound; x odnovre Menno reminds f.

Sounds, proiznodo not belong to this case which sheniye partly reminds x.

Sounds are replaced with the lip analogs hissing, whistling and r remind not clear f in.

ADVERSE WAYS OF THE PRONUNCIATION At the child the French pronunciation of a sound was created p, in this case a standard pronunciation of this sound at it will not be able spontaneously to arise.

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Being the child, I would

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Being the child, I would Condemnation and charge Again your dirty prints of hands on a door!

On to that you constantly do it?


That with you prois goes?

You can sometime do something correctly?


How many time should be repeated, that you used the door handle?

Problem that you never you listen.

Being the child, I would feel: Abuse Temperature is lower than zero, and you put on an easy jacket!

What should be silly?

It is really silly.

Give I to you I will repair the bicycle.

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When it pleased

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When it pleased All this gets in its emotional storage cannot be also taken away at it.

You can take away from him good mal Chick, having called the bad boy next day.

But you will never be able to take away from it that moment, How to speak that children listened How to speak that children listened.

when it pleased the mother with a card with a wish recovery, or the moment when it gave to occupations a lot of time also achieved result, even without looking on that was very tired.

Such moments when parents approve all most the best in children, become criteria of life, to a cat eye children can return to the periods of doubts or depression.

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Know weaknesses

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Know weaknesses Some organized actions after school can deliver the pleasure, large their number can tire and facet to chit your chances of quiet conversation.

Know weaknesses and weak spots of your child.

EU whether it is difficult to it to make friends or not to lose them, try to notice features of his behavior, his which Izz draz nit, expel from the company or ignore.

Do not try them to correct, and try to give it chance most decide to find scientific research institute see.


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